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Marguet Elements 11 Grand Cru Champagne

In Champagne on February 11, 2016 at 2:10 pm

marguetElements 11 opens with the hallmark rich Champagne aromas of brioche and baking spices, mixed with hints of rose petals and fresh-picked strawberries.  It’s a Pinot Noir-based Champagne, so it’s chock-full of flavor on the palate, having a sleek body of richness while at the same time being elegantly assertive.  Benoit firmly believes that the character of the fruit should not be covered up, so he adds just a whisper of dosage (and no sulfur) at disgorgement.  The wine was aged on the lees for four years, and all of this adds up to a magnificent and powerful finish.

This Valentine’s Day, you and your special honey pie deserve Grand Cru grower Champagne! And we have it at a steal. Contact us for pricing and availability: 414-289-9463 or


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Date: Thursday, February 11
Time: 6 pm to 7:30
Location: Waterford Wine Company
Cost: $30 per person, credited towards a six bottle purchase
Format: Seminar, RSVP required

Born of France but now famous from Argentina, Malbec is one of the world’s great comeback wine stories.  Almost relegated to extinction in Southern France during the 17th century, the vines transplanted high in the Andes, in what would become Argentina, by a few brave monks.  Nursed by the Incas’ flood irrigation systems, there Malbec made a home and was consumed domestically for many decades.

But then one man, Nicolas Catena, in the early 1990s set about restoring Malbec as an internationally famous grape variety.  His quest – to make the absolute best possible Malbec that the world had ever known, and that further competes against the greatest red wines in the world.

Did he succeed?  Come taste through the history, geography and everything else that is exciting in the world of Argentinian winemaking.

Marco Marengo’s Barbera and Barolo

In Barbera, Barolo on February 9, 2016 at 6:40 pm

marengoMarco’s Barbera is from the vineyard Pugnane in Castiglione Falletto.  Castiglione is prime country in Barolo, it’s almost shaped like a tenderloin, and producers consider it such.  Barolo from here commands royal prices and so there is a growing trend to plant only Nebbiolo, ignoring the potential of Barbera in this illustrious terroir.  But not Marco.  He continues to grow Barbera, and what you get in the glass is just outstanding:

A vivid perfume of violets, red plums, roses and fresh raspberries leaps to the nose with a gorgeous display of fruit.  To me, Barbera is to Barolo what American Zin is to Cabernet – it offers drinking pleasure driven by overt fruit textures.  In the best of Barberas—which this one is—that fruitiness is combined with a certain Italian seasoning of savoriness: spices, cedar, brambly fruits and touches of roasted truffles.  Wrapped up as a whole, Marco’s Barbera becomes one of the ultimate wines to enjoy: It’s great as a cocktail, it fits all kinds of different food, and it’s serious enough to age in your cellar.

The Barolo hails from four vineyards within the township of La Morra, including the grand cru of Brunate. Marco told me, “They say Barolo from La Morra is the wine of elegance,” and I certainly agree.  Here is a Barolo that lives up to the title The Wine of Kings:

The classic smell of La Morra Barolo is mahogany-red Morello cherry and Marco’s Barolo has that in spades.  The cherry aroma is so brilliant that just opening the bottle with fill the room with this wonderful scent.  But that’s not all; further aromas of roses, wild berries, cassis, wet stones, and hints of menthol and white truffles emerge.  This is an utterly seductive Barolo, with its impossibly fine, silky tannins luring you into a second glass, then a third, and yet another bottle.  It melds together its gorgeous fruit and structural body into a single, harmonious, and exquisite drinking experience.  Only 80 cases were made.

Please contact us for pricing and availability: 414-289-9463 or