2014 Jermann Pinot Grigio

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jermannThe 2014 Jermann Pinot Grigio does not depart from the foundation laid by its predecessors.  This is BIG Friulian white wine with lots of stone fruits – peach, apricot, and touches of pineapple are mixed with the sea spray, brine, and piercing minerality you have come to expect; the finish is of fresh water with touches of fruit and minerals.  It pairs perfectly with everything from bitter green salads to anchovies to chicken roasted with pancetta.

Texture is the key in Friuli, and Jermann is one of its masters.  This Pinot Grigio is powerful and primary right now.  But it will age – I drank a magnum of the 1998 in 2012 (as did many of you with me), and it was awesome.  Wild and exotic to be sure, but darned  amazing all the same. Please contact us for pricing and availability: or 414-289-9463.

Bordeaux: Majestic Giant

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Date: Thursday, July 28
Time: 6 pm to 7:30
Location: Waterford Wine Company
Cost: $30 per person, credited towards a six bottle purchase
Format: Seminar, RSVP required

Bordeaux’s reputation is great, and this collection of wines showcases why.

At the tasting, we will explore the history, classifications, pricing structure, ageability, and three main regions of Bordeaux, plus charting the 1855 Grand Cru Classification system and what it means to us today.

You’ll have the opportunity to explore, ask questions and get to know Bordeaux better. For the consummate aficionado or the casual imbiber, here is a rare opportunity to study Bordeaux. We got some amazing selections in; come learn what the best of the best is all about.

Give It To Me, Baby! – The Funk Festival

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Date: Saturday, July 23
Time: noon to 3 pm
Location: Waterford Wine Company
Cost: $30 per person, credited towards a six bottle purchase
Format: Open House, RSVP required

Tired of mulling over your same old, same old options for wine, finding yourself muttering those timeless words of Rick James: “Give me that stuff / that funk / that sweet /that funky stuff?” Hey, no judging here. Not only that, you can consider those prayers to the gods of funk answered!

At our first-ever Funk Festival, you can sample more than 20 wines from grapes and regions so far off the beaten path, some aren’t even recognized by the authorities.  Also try wines from familiar grapes, made in styles unique among their peers.  Never fear: These babies may be different, but they are, first and foremost, downright delicious.

Come get some of this funk for yourself!

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