Get Down with Summer Bubbly

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Date: Thursday, June 30
Time: 6 pm to 7:30
Location: Waterford Wine Company
Cost: $30 per person
Format: Seminar, RSVP required

Make the party POP with fun, fizzy (and affordable!) bubblies from U.S.A., Italy, Spain and, of course, France. Refreshing, invigorating sparklers are perfect for celebrations, cookouts, picnics and the patio, especially when they come at a price you can afford to get down with all night long.

Whether you are freshly graduated or just turned legal, newly married or minted single, just got promoted or got the day off tomorrow, there’s a million reasons to celebrate summer in Wisconsin. Let these fizzes be your inspiration. We’ll give you awesome pairing ideas, too. So come get your sparkle on!

2013 Palazzino Chianti Rosso del Palazzino

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palazzinoPowerful, succulent dark cherry and mocha notes greet the imbiber, inviting your attention to the glass.  On the palate, layers unfold – a Brunello-like roasted kernel oil, bittersweet chocolate with vanilla, caramel and smoked bacon.  It’s got grip and power – this wine has the intensity to age for a decade or can take being open for several days as it unfolds and gets better and better.  But for all its power, there is harmony and nuanced integration here.  The Sangiovese fruit character resolves perfectly with the wine’s structure, melding together like a beautiful Tuscan sunset.

You already know this wine – we’ve been drinking it together for the past 10 vintages, and it’s always been great stuff.  I want to say a whole lot more, but over the last decade I think you’ve gotten the point.  So let me add just one more thing:

I was at the Palazzinos’ small garage winery this spring, and it’s a great mutual feeling that Wisconsin supports a small family vineyard, year in and year out.  While this email is short, I want to fully convey the family’s gratitude.  It may seem odd, but when we keeping on drinking, it allows this family to thrive and prosper. Please contact us for pricing and availability: or 414-289-9463.

Complementary Cabernets? Napa and Bordeaux, Compared

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Date: Thursday, June 23
Time: 6 pm to 7:30
Location: Waterford Wine Company
Cost: $30 per person, credited towards a six bottle purchase
Format: Seminar, RSVP required

Bordeaux and Napa Valley – the world’s premier Cabernet wine growing regions. Are they so different from one another?

Is Bordeaux, through the pursuit of ripeness, concentration, and new oak, becoming more and more like Napa? Or perhaps Napa, under the signature of balance and elegance, is growing more and more like Bordeaux.

This tasting is aimed at exploring a thought – maybe not one that the vintners themselves would ever care to entertain – that Napa and Bordeaux are now more alike than ever. Through a combination of wines, we will try and match the two, comparing new and old, traditional and modern. For anyone exploring Bordeaux (or Napa) for the first time, this will be an eye-opening tasting.

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