Complementary Cabernets?  Napa and Bordeaux, Compared

Date: Thursday, November 6
Time: 6 pm to 7:30
Location: Waterford Wine Company
Cost: $35 per person, credited towards a six bottle purchase
Format: Seminar, RSVP required

Bordeaux and Napa Valley – the world’s premier Cabernet wine growing regions.  Are they so different from one another?

Is Bordeaux, through the pursuit of ripeness, concentration, and new oak, becoming more and more like Napa?  Or perhaps Napa, under the signature of balance and elegance, is growing more and more like Bordeaux.

This tasting is aimed at exploring a thought – maybe not one that the vintners themselves would ever care to entertain – that Napa and

Bordeaux are now more alike than ever.  Through a combination of wines, we will try and match the two, comparing new and old, traditional and modern.  For anyone exploring Bordeaux (or Napa) for the first time, this will be an eye-opening tasting.

Wines to be tasted:
2008 Chateau Lalande Saint Julien $36.99
2012 Ramey Napa Valley Claret $39.99
2011 Cade Howell Mountain Napa Valley Cabernet $79.99
2007 Chateau Pavie Macquin Saint Emilion $105.99
2010 Smith Haut Lafitte Le Petit Haut Lafitte $49.99
2010 Neyers Conn Valley Napa Valley Cabernet $59.99
& more

Amarone in a Very Serious Way

Date: Wednesday, November 12
Time: 6 pm to 7:30
Location: Waterford Wine Company
Cost: $35 per person, credited towards a six bottle purchase
Format: Seminar, RSVP required

Amarone is Italy’s blockbuster—a powerful red wine.  Unique in the world for its process of Appassimento, or drying of the grapes, it turns out wines of immense body and concentration.

However, it is not without controversy.  This tasting opens with an exploration into the taste of Amarone by examining the grapes themselves and the winemaking process.  From there, we will discuss the stylistic differences that are controversial within the area itself.
Then we’ll examine regionality within the Valpolicella zone with Sant’ Antonio.  Finally, we’ll explore how long Amarone can age by spanning back a quarter-century with the incomparable Speri Amarone.

This is a tasting not to miss.
Wines to be tasted:
1990 Speri Amarone Sant’ Urbano $249.99
2007 Bussola Amarone $66.999
2010 Sant’ Antonio Amarone $48.99
2004 Quintarelli Ca’ del Merlo $89.99
& many more!

Not Nouveau: Cru Beaujolais At Its Best

Date: Wednesday, November 19
Time: 6 pm to 7:30
Location: Waterford Wine Company
Cost: $35 per person, credited towards a six bottle purchase
Format: Seminar, RSVP required

While many associate Beaujolais with its main export – Beaujolais Nouveau – these wines are not the best of the region.  In fact, they are a far cry from it.

The best of Beaujolais lies in Cru Beaujolais, the upper vineyards of the region that sit on granite rock, creating wines of depth, breadth, and soaring beauty to rival anything else that Burgundy has to offer.

This tasting, situated on the calendar right before the Nouveau invasion, will showcase the best of the best from Beaujolais. We will explore the region’s rightful station of producing world-class wines.

Wines to be tasted:
2013 Peillot Bugey Mondeuse $21.99
2013 Brun Morgon Terres Dorees $21.99
2009 Jules Desjourneys Moulin-a-Vent $79.99
2009 Jules Desjourneys Morgon $79.99
2012 Charly Thevenet Regnie Grain & Granit $31.99
2012 Depeuble Beaujolais $15.99
& more!

The Burgundy Festival

Date: Saturday, November 22
Time: 1 pm until 5 pm
Location: Waterford Wine Company
Cost: $30 per person, credited towards a six bottle purchase
Format: Festival

Come one, come many, come all (but do notice the slight time change – we are starting at 1 pm) to the Burgundy Festival!

When will you ever have a chance to explore this much Burgundy?  Red wines, white wines, almost all the villages, and many Premiers Crus and Grands Crus as well.

This year we have packed the festival in with an enormous amount of wines, offering something for everyone.  If you are a Burgundy connoisseur, or just the casual taster wanting to learn more, this tasting is not to be missed.

Wines to be tasted:
2011 Lucine Le Moines Charmes Chambertin Grand Cru $255.99
2011 Charles Audoin Marsannay Les Longeroies $44.99
2012 Morey-Coffinet Bourgogne Blanc $39.99
2013 Dominique Cornin Macon-Chaintre Les Serreudieres $29.99
2011 Albert Bichot Domaine Pavillon Meursault $49.99
2012 Albert Bichot Domaine Adelie Mercurey Champs-Martin 1er Cru $44.99
2012 Bernard-Bonin Meursault VV $65.99
2011 Monthelie Douhairet Porcheret Volnay 1er Cru En Champans  $79.99
2011 Domaine Alain Chavy Chassagne Montrachet $54.99
2011 Domaine Jean Louis Chavy Puligny Montrachet $54.99
2011 Domaine Matrot Meursault $44.99
2011 Domaine Philippe Colin Bourgogne Blanc $27.99
2011 Domaine Philippe Colin Chassagne Montrachet $54.99
2012 Domaine Philippe Colin Chassagne Montrachet 1er Cru Chenevottes $79.99
2011 Domaine Ramonet Bouzeron Aligote $28.99
2011 Domaine Anne Gros Clos Vougeot Maupurtuis $289.99
2011 Domaine Anne Gros Echezeaux Les Loachs $214.99
2011 Domaine Anne Gros Vosnne Romanne LesBarreaux  $119.99
2008 Domaine Aurelien Verdet  Chambolle Musigny $69.99
2011 Domaine Aurelien Verdet  Morey Saint Denis $59.99
2012 Chauvent Nuits Saint George 1er Cru Mrugers $82.99
2012 Chauvent Vougeot $75.99
2009 Morot Beaune 1er Cru Bressand $62.99
2012 Cordier Macon VV $29.99
2012 Joblot Givry Servoisine $59.99
2009 Lechenaut Marsanny $56.99
2011 Lechenaut Chambolle Musigny $84.99
2012 Morey Chasagne Montrachet 1er Cru Chenevottes $109.99
2010 Morey Rulley 1er Cru Rabource $39.99
2011 Xavier Monnot Beaune Toussaints $62.99
2010 Xavier Monnot Meursault 1er Charmes $109.99
& more!

This is still just a partial list.  As we get more wines confirmed we will continue to update the list on

Due to the highly allocated nature of Burgundy, some of these wines may sell out by the time of the tasting.  If they do sell out, we will make every effort to replace them with wines of equal value.

The Turkey Tasting!

Date: Monday, November 24
Time: 6 pm to 8 pm
Location: Waterford Wine Company
Cost: $60 per person, price includes wines and food.
Format: Wine Pairing, RSVP required

It’s back!  Our annual exploration of which wines pair with turkey!

What will be the winner this year?  Join us as we revel in eating turkey and tasting wine to find the perfect match for your holidays!

Wines & Menu to be tasted:

A traditional Thanksgiving meal with 10 different wines but without your relatives.  What could be better?

  1. Hi,

    I didnt forget about picking up my prize bottle I won on your FB contest! I will be coming out this week if that is ok. Are you having a wine tasting on Friday? Any before then?

    See you soon and thanks again!

    Deb Sajdak

  2. Is the Adelsheim tasting in an open house format, or do I need to be there right at 3?

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