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2011 Niepoort Docil Vinho Verde

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Docil 5


Vinho Verde.

Light, ailment crisp, viagra sale totally refreshing, citrusy and mineral: “Green wine” in Portuguese.  Not what you expect from a country whose most famous wine is red, brooding, and highly alcoholic.  But hey, Portugal gets as hot and as humid as Milwaukee in the summer and we still need something to drink – Vinho Verde.

And if you haven’t tried Vinho Verde, you should, because nothing is as purely refreshing as Dirk Niepoort’s Vinho Verde named “Docil”.

Let me describe:

Take as your starting point Muscadet – sea spray, lemon zest, verbena, granite and oyster brine all combine and are seated into a vibrant acidity.

Now move that Muscadet off its sandy French soils and into the hard granite of the Lima Valley in northern Portugal.  Those flavors are now joined with elements of white flowers, neroli, jasmine and rose blossom.

But we’re not quite at Vinho Verde yet: give this wine a long harvest time to build up and concentrate the flavors of Anjou and Seckle pears, honeysuckle and almond.

And then keep those harvest temperatures cool to the point of being almost “alpine”.  The resulting wine is super tasty, and vividly brilliant, all at a refreshingly low alcohol of 11%.

This is Dirk Niepoort’s Vinho Verde “Docil”.

Not only is this exceptional Vinho Verde, it’s just amazing wine.  But the production is small and there isn’t a lot to go around.  Don’t miss it!


Please contact us regarding pricing and availability: or 414-289-9463

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