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The Little Wine That Could: Muscadet

In Drinking, Muscadet, Special Offers on July 10, 2013 at 10:22 am

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Muscadet – a wine that makes radishes taste like creamed butter, remedy turns oysters into a Grand Symphony of the Atlantic Ocean’s bounty, ed and cranks the knob to 11 on any perch fried in Wisconsin on any given Friday, here in any given bar, kitchen or back yard.  Yes Muscadet, this little wine that could, is the ultimate food pairing wine.

Muscadet – a wine that is almost completely forgotten, to the point of bordering on extinction, even in its native region of Nantes, France.

How could this be?

The two are related.  Muscadet is pure, mineral, bright, dry, linear, mouthwatering, savory, lemony, briny and sapid, all at once.  I love it as a cocktail but most Americans find it just too darn dry.

Yet, with food (and this is so true of many French wines) Muscadet is insanely good.  Think of this analogy: we salt our McDonald’s French Fries – or any other food, really – not because we want to taste the salt but because the salt makes everything taste MORE.

Muscadet is the same.  Almost every food, and I mean that literally, almost every food you can cook, take out, or sit down and order, will taste better with Muscadet.  And Hubert Rousseau, owner of Domaine des Trois Toits, makes an outstanding example:

Notes of browned butter, sea shore, brine, lemon, lime, and juicy umami leap from the glass of this hedonistic beauty.  Pure and driving across the palate it will make you pop oysters, grill clams, roast calamari or dig up a radish and eat it.  You think I am crazy so I will write it again.  Eat a radish, drink Rousseau’s Muscadet.  The two combined taste like butter and are about 10 calories.  And the combo will get you hammered.  Think about that next time you order fries.  But don’t let the exploration stop.  Muscadet goes down like a can of mineral water.  It’s refreshingly delicious and the palate opens up into a symphony of flavors.  Drink it now, or, take a walk on the wild side, hold onto it for a couple of years… you won’t regret it.

Let me put it this way: think of the greatest wines from Bordeaux (or Napa).  How much they do they cost?  Now, take a look below.  This is one of the greatest of Muscadets.

If you are willing to explore, one the greatest tasting experiences of your life awaits.


2010 Hubert Rousseau’s Domaine Des Trois Toits Muscadet Sevre et Maine sur Lie

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