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Cru Beaujolais: An Exploration Across Beaujolais’ Ten Crus

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Date: Thursday, April 6
Time: 6 pm to 7:30
Location: Waterford Wine Company
Cost: $30 per person, purchase one seat, get the second one free – so bring a friend! ($30 original ticket price is still refunded on a six bottle purchase.)
Format: Seminar, RSVP required

While many associate Beaujolais with its main export – Beaujolais Nouveau – these wines are not the best of the region. In fact, they are a far cry from it.

The best of Beaujolais lies in Cru Beaujolais, the upper vineyards of the region that sit on granite, creating wines of depth, breadth, and soaring beauty to rival anything else that Burgundy has to offer.

This tasting will showcase the best of the best from each Beaujolais Cru. We will explore the region’s rightful station of producing world-class wines.

The 2017 Barolo and Barbaresco Festival

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Date: Saturday, May 6
Time: 1 pm to 5 pm
Location: Waterford Wine Company
Cost: $30 per person, credited towards a six bottle purchase
Format: Festival
The wine of kings and the king of wines: Barolo.
This event will showcase some of the greatest producers in Barolo, Barbaresco and all of Piemonte.  It allows you to explore (at a friendly $30 tasting price) the complex issues of wine production, environment and climate that go into making some of Italy’s greatest wines.
But we won’t stop there.  We will also sample other varietals from these regions:
Dolcetto, Barbera, Arneis, Gavi, blends, etc.  For the novice Italian drinker, this tasting offers an exceptional entree to Italy’s grandest wines.  For the connoisseur, it’s an unprecedented opportunity to pick your favorites.
Mark your calendars – this is a tasting not to miss.

White Burgundy: Explained and Revealed

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Date: Thursday, March 2
Time: 6 pm to 7:30
Location: Waterford Wine Company
Cost: $30 per person, credited towards a six bottle purchase
Format: Seminar, RSVP required

Nothing is quite like white Burgundy – the elegance, structure and longevity of a red wine, with the refreshment, energy and richness of a white.

Yet for how wonderful it is, white Burgundy can be a bit of a mystery – what is the grape (it’s not on the label); what do all those different and funny French names mean (and why are there so many of them?); is it oaked;  or unoaked?  And, why do white Burgundies taste so different from each other?

At this tasting, we offer a thorough and exciting tour through some of the great wines (and great values) of white Burgundy!

2011 Pierre Damoy Bourgogne Rouge

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This Bourgogne Rouge is cut from the cloth of all Domaine Damoy wines – dominated by Gevrey Chambertin.  However, try as Pierre Damoy might, putting grand cru wine into a Bourgogne-priced bottle is not a good business strategy.  So here, in this bottle, he blends in the vineyards of Fixin and Couchey.  It makes perfect sense – Fixin and Couchey both touch Gevrey Chambertin to the north and hold a similar fruit profile, yet don’t command the same fruit prices.  Meaning we get something that tastes like a Gevrey Chambertin (and nearly a premier cru at that) for the price of a humble Bourgogne.

And Pierre make a broad style of red Burgundy – on the nose are loads of blackberries, blackcurrant, notes of truffle, and a touch of earth.  The palate is expansive – yes, it’s a Bourgogne, but remember the blend – Gevrey Chambertin comes through richly across the mid-palate, accentuating the fruit characteristics present on the nose, filling in with a black cherry profile that delightfully accentuates the smooth, perfectly mature richness of the body.  This is not some tart cranberry-fruited red Burgundy, this is a gorgeously aged and beautiful Gevrey from one of the region’s top producers. Please contact us for pricing and availability: or 414-289-9463.


2015 Domaine Langlois Chateau Sancerre

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Sancerre is a region on the far inland side of the Loire Valley, up from Nantes, past Vouvray and Saumur and nearly into the heart of France.  And it is this place – a set of steep slopes of Kimmeridgean Marl soils – that produces a wine like no other.  Our example is the producer Langlois Chateau Sancerre.

The first sensations are of mango and papaya followed by fresh ginger, hints of Kaffir lime leaf and raita layered across the nose.  The soil is completely Kimmeridgean Marl, a fossilized sea-life chalk that imparts a grandly stated aromatic complexity of green poivre, wildflower aromas of asperge des bois, bluebells and Moutarde noire.  Texture rules this palate: a chiseled, finely etched chalk, drying the mouth, yet with citrus-inspired aromas mingling in candied lemons, poached white fruits, and a lingering lift of pepper.  Please contact us for pricing and availability: or 414-289-9463.

Big Red: Shiraz and Syrah

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Date: Thursday, February 23
Time: 6 to 7:30 pm
Location: Waterford Wine Company
Cost: $30 per person, credited towards a six bottle purchase
Format: Seminar, RSVP required

Is any wine “bigger” than an Australian Shiraz?  Doubtful.

But Australia is a continent, not just a small community, and Syrah is grown worldwide.  The grape offers a fantastic diversity of flavors and tastes, all the while remaining one of the most majestic wines in the world.

Sadly, most people do not gravitate to Shiraz in their drinking pleasure.  The solution?  To taste as many Syrahs as possible in order to convert the world to how amazing these wines can be.

2015 d’Ourea Tire Bouchon Cotes du Rhone

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doureaCork Puller (Tire Bouchon) is a great name for this fun Cotes du Rhone that is just darn easy to crank open and throw back.  Bright cherry fruit aromas come straight out of the glass mixed with black pepper, healing touches of spice, seek blackberries and hints of herbes de Provence.  The palate is full-bodied, doctor yet also has zip and verve – the perfect kinda red wine for roasted lamb with garlic aioli, or grilled tuna with a sun-dried tomato salsa, or even just slightly chilled alongside a thick-cut bacon, avocado and tomato sandwich. The finish is smooth and supple, and ends with a fruit-driven minerality. You’ll want to guzzle it down just as much as I do.

Please contact us for pricing and availability: or 414-289-9463.


2015 Mas de Daumas Gassac Rose Frizant

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The husband and wife team of Guibert took a place of the humblest origins and made sparkling wine to rival some of the best of France.  Even though this is made in the Champagne method for sparkling wine, they can’t call it Champagne (which can only be from Champagne, France).  Hence they drop the title to Rose Frizant. But to many commentators, this tastes like the rarefied flavors of a Grand Cru Champagne:

The rose’s beautifully woven texture rests on a backbone of ripe fruit and mineral-driven flavors. Aromas of freshly picked strawberries, white peaches, and hints of tarragon and rosemary spring from the glass.  Its full-bodied texture is rich in fruit aromas yet compellingly dry, leaving mineral hints of the French countryside after a light rain.  The finish is crisp, refreshing, urging you to drink the next glass. Please contact us for pricing and availability: or 414-289-9463.

Willamette Valley Pinot Noir

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Date: Thursday, February 16
Time: 6 pm to 7:30
Location: Waterford Wine Company
Cost: $30 per person, credited towards a six bottle purchase
Format: Seminar, RSVP required

By founding a Pinot vineyard in Willamette Valley in 1966, David “Papa Pinot” Lett was making a statement for the rest of the world to hear – that this valley was an ideal place for a cool-climate grape, capable of producing wines with finesse, longevity, and elegance.

A few pioneers followed David’s example and today, Willamette’s Pinot production is booming.  This tasting explores the valley’s history, its five subzones and how they affect the finished wines, and how winemaking styles interrelate with all of these factors.

2014 Morande Pionero Pinot Noir

In Pinot Noir on February 10, 2017 at 1:42 pm

Cellar Defender, here to protect us in our most debauched hour, to quench our thirst when we need it the least, here to fling up barriers so grandma (or spouse) doesn’t dig into the good stuff. That’s right, perfect for book club, the in-laws, third-bottles-in-a-night, 2:30 am, those returned collegiate children, what have you.  Cellar Defender, to the rescue!

The Pinot displays aromas of wild cherry, truffles, sous bois and touches of sweet tobacco leaf.  It has just enough earth to give it some gumption and power. Frankly, for those who like Burgundy, this is right up your alley.  Fruit, spice, minerals, and pretty darn tasty to boot.  It’s one of those wines that would be fun to serve blind to connoisseurs – it has great layers of flavor.

And on a serious note.  I wouldn’t sell you crap wine – after all, I probably am going to be partying with you at some point, and then I’d be forced to drink it.  So here is the real scoop:  This is solid, tasty Chilean wine.  This Pinot is fruity and fresh and floral and lively and fun.  Would I buy them myself?  Yeah, because my cellar needs to be defended most of all! Please contact us for pricing and availability: or 414-289-9463.


2010 Verdet Nuits Saint Georges Premier Cru Les Damodes

In Burgundy on February 7, 2017 at 4:46 pm

Les Damodes sits at the top of Nuits Saint George, touching Vosne Romanee, and is a stone’s throw from the Grand Cru of La Tache.  It is a superb plot of vines planted in 1961, making it some of the oldest vines in the entire Cote d’Or.  The exposition and age of the vines always means that great wine will be made here, but the combination of the winemaker’s skills and Mother Nature’s perfect 2010 vintage means that what is in the bottle borders on rare perfection:

An effusive richness of red plums, damsons, black truffles, violets and black fruits all come together to form a hauntingly intense, complex and multi-dimensional nose.  The palate similarly illustrates a grand complexity, showcasing Pinot Noir’s exotic spice character, astonishing concentration but without weight: The sheer beauty of what is in the glass is almost overwhelming.  From start to finish there is tremendous balance, complexity, silkiness and elegance.  While being completely mind numbingly off the charts, it’s also a wine of serene beauty, beguiling the imbiber not by muscle or weight, but with its glorious depth of flavor. 2010 is Burgundy’s vintage of the century (if you don’t mind a touch of French vintner hyperbole); feel free to drink now but there is no rush – it will still be glorious 30 years from now. Please contact us for pricing and availability: or 414-289-9463.

Scotch: Smooth Operators

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Date: Thursday, February 9
Time: 6 pm to 7:30
Location: Waterford Wine Company
Cost: $50 per person
Format: Seminar, RSVP required

How smooth can a Scotch be?  I betcha want to know.

And I bet you want to know why.

Is it the malted grain, the barrel, the age, the caramel, the water or the location?  What makes a Scotch taste just absolutely lusciously smooth to the point of complete and utter refinement?  We’re gonna find out.

This Scotch taste is a flip of most of our Scotch tastings – we’re putting together a specific set of non-peated, ever so gentle, but ever so delicious Scotches that just should not be missed.  Now don’t be mistaken – our enthusiasm for a calm sea doesn’t mean we’re bad sailors or that these Scotches are boring – they are, in fact, some of the best we have around.  So come on in, and let’s taste some amazing Scotch.

2014 Castello di Ama “Ama” Chianti Classico

In Chianti Classico on February 6, 2017 at 5:36 pm

In its youth, Ama combines forceful cherry fruit with arenaceous tannins, notes of truffle on the palate with a muscular stamina. It’s an athlete, ready to run any race that you set them to. By its middle age, 5 to 20 years old, it releases a gorgeous tenderness of fruit while still maintaining an iron personality of vigor and purpose. And in old age they last forever – both in bottle but also once drunk on the palate. The flavor simply goes on and on, neverending.

Please contact us for pricing and availability: or 414-289-9463.

2014 Clos du Val Estate Cabernet

In Cabernet on January 31, 2017 at 12:49 pm

closvalPowerful and classic Cabernet aromas of blueberries, black cherries, and ultra-rich blackberries come across the glass with a hedonistic intensity that will bring a smile to the taster.  For all of its rich concentration, the wine does not lack complexity – notes of sous bois, truffle, Margaux-esque mocha, and a Pauillac-like pencil lead all layer into the taste.  When the rest of Napa Valley gets too ripe, Yountville delivers perfectly harmonious Cabernet.

The finish is long and brilliant, with fully resolved tannins making it utterly delicious to drink now, or to cellar up to 10 more years. Please contact us for pricing and availability: or 414-289-9463.

2013 Colonia Las Liebres Bonarda

In Bonarda on January 31, 2017 at 12:47 pm

liebresFor most of its existence, Bonarda has been pressed into service as a bulk blending variety.  Yet in 2000, the brothers Alberto and Attilio Pagli tried a one-off run of Bonarda, just for fun.  They own the family winery Altos Los Hormigas, famous for its Malbecs, and were curious about Bonarda.

What they ended up with in that original batch blew them away.  The Bonarda was so quaffable, big, and easygoing at the same time that they knew immediately they were onto something.

That was 16 years ago, and now they are known as Argentina’s Bonarda specialists, famed for bringing this humble variety to the international stage, and producing, as the Argentinian wine magazine Descorchados notes, is “the best Bonarda in Argentina.”

With the 2013 vintage, it shows: Pronounced aromas of blackberries, nutty spices, plums, and cigar box are found in this full-bodied, extravagant wine. The palate is immensely appealing, adding notes of red cherry, plum and pepper that draw to a close with a structured, almost Brunello-like finish.  It is delicious and charming now, yet also has the muscle to hold in the cellar for at least five more years. Please contact us for pricing and availability: or 414-289-9463.


Red Burgundy: Explained and Revealed

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Date: Wednesday, February 1
Time: 6 pm to 7:30 pm
Location: Waterford Wine Company
Cost: $30 (credited back against a six bottle purchase)
Format: Seminar, RSVP required

Burgundy is supposedly the greatest place to plant Pinot Noir on the face of the earth.  Yet to many, its laws, its labels, its sheer mass of complexity remains daunting – so daunting it creates a barrier to enjoying these fabulous wines.

At this tasting, we aim to break down that barrier.  As the Burgundians like to say, the region is complex, but not complicated.  While we taste some of Burgundy’s great wines, we will explore the diversity, learn to relish in its explicit details, and enjoy navigating the complexities of Burgundy.

Italy’s Powerhouse Reds

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Date: Thursday, January 26
Time: 6 pm to 7:30 pm
Location: Waterford Wine Company
Cost: $30 (credited back against a six bottle purchase)
Format: Seminar, RSVP required

From Super Tuscans to Amarone, Montepulciano to Negro Amaro, Italy produces some of the world’s most robust red wines.  The diversity is huge, with 2,000 native grape varieties (and vastly different prices to boot). This is an arena of wines that truly needs to be tasted in order to be explored.

So no matter what your experience level with Italian wines, from dipping your toes in to experienced collector, come and taste some of the most dynamic of Italy’s powerhouse red wines.

2012 Pauillac de Haut-Bages Liberal

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Pauillac de Haut-Bages Liberal is the “forward” drinking wine from the Chateau.  It has been chosen from barrels that drink well right now: an effusive nose of red currants, linden, blackberries, and Pauillac-like gravel power are all expressed boldly on the nose.  The palate blooms to a Cabernet musculature featuring loads of blackberry, creme de cassis, wood smoke and reduced vanilla and spices.  There is enough fun-loving fruit for this wine to be cocktailed, by why deny yourself?

Start a bottle while making the steak Diane ribeye chop with porcinis roasted in Cognac and finished with demi-glaze, and then go ahead and play right on through while eating said steak.  That’s what the Bordelaise would do, and you should, too.  You might even need a second bottle. Please contact us for pricing and availability: 414-289-9463 or


2014 Antica Napa Valley Chardonnay

In Chardonnay on January 19, 2017 at 1:42 pm

Hailing from the highest vineyards on Atlas Peak, this Chardonnay showcases the elegance of a cool climate site with its juicy pear, orange blossom, hints of baking spices, and abundant honeysuckle notes. On the palate, it delivers pure Napa intensity – an abundant wash of fruit richness cascades into a textural depth that speaks of the glories of Napa Valley.  It’s big enough that you don’t need to chill it hard.  Serve it at cellar temperature on these cool nights to bring out its lush riches.

Please contact us for pricing and availability: 414-289-9463 or

2013 Mitolo Jester Shiraz

In Syrah on January 17, 2017 at 8:43 pm

Ultra ripe blackberries, anise and spice, blue floral notes and a power-packed crème de cassis comes exploding out of the glass.  True enough, it’s got a whopping punch of fruit but it’s also got balance.  As they explained to me, McLaren Vale is not all that warm – especially not at night.  Americans tend to think of Australia as a vast desert, but McLaren Vale touches the coldest ocean in the world and that drops the temperature at night, allowing the vines to take a deep breath and go to sleep.  The end result in your glass is a wine of freshness and balance, but that still packs a punch.  To me, it’s an amazing food wine because it pairs so well with bold flavors and tastes.  But certainly, don’t forget to cocktail.  This beauty works it out anytime, anyplace.

And I’ll admit it – I’ve been following this wine for years and always wanted to sell more of it – for the family and because it’s so darn good.  This past year, I finally convinced the importers to give me a better shot.  Don’t miss out. Please contact us for pricing and availability: 414-289-9463 or

Malbec & More – a Tasting through Argentina

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Date: Thursday, January 19
Time: 6 pm to 7:30 pm
Location: Waterford Wine Company
Cost: $30 (credited back against a six bottle purchase)
Format: Seminar, RSVP required

Born of France but now famous from Argentina, Malbec is one of the world’s great comeback wine stories.  Almost relegated to extinction in Southern France during the 17th century, the vines transplanted high in the Andes, in what would become Argentina, by a few brave monks.  Nursed by the Incas’ flood irrigation systems, there Malbec made a home and was consumed domestically for many decades.

But then one man, Nicolas Catena, in the early 1990s set about restoring Malbec as an internationally famous grape variety.  His quest – to make the absolute best possible Malbec that the world had ever known, and that further competes against the greatest red wines in the world.

Did he succeed?  Come taste through the history, geography and everything else that is exciting in the world of Argentinian winemaking.

2012 Schiopetto Blanc des Rosis

In Friulano on January 13, 2017 at 4:49 pm

Blanc des Rosis, a blend of Friulano, Pinot Bianco and Pinot Grigio, is just that.  This wine isn’t just world-class, it’s legendary:

The 2012 opens with aromas of white flowers, honeysuckle, orange blossoms, peaches, and juicy, fully ripe apricots.  These aromas are so intense that even the most casual of drinkers will nearly have their heads explode with imbibing excitement.  They are refined, tightly woven and within each other, like a finely executed Verdi duet.  The front palate is texturally dense, with a seamless core of fruit flavors that lasts all the way to the back of the palate and right on through to a minutes-long finish.

This is breathtaking, undeniably delicious wine.  And best of all, it lasts: I have had this wine at years one, five, 10 and even 15.  Very few whites can go this distance, and very few try.  But this one does.  Load up and go big, because this is a wine to savor now and even more as it evolves. Please contact us for pricing and availability: 414-289-9463 or

2014 Domaine Bart Marsannay

In Burgundy on January 10, 2017 at 12:51 pm

 Les Finottes, Les Ouzeloy, Les Echezots

We start with the Marsannay Les Finottes.  Finottes is about finesse.  With each sip, a delicate balance of figs and plums, anise and herb, fruit and savory emerges from the glass.  It’s classic red Burgundy with a keen sense of energy across the palate, culminating in a brisk and clear-cut finish.  It’s delightful to drink now, but will age gracefully for a decade.

Just downslope from the vineyard of Finottes lies Ouzeloy.  Ouzeloy shows us the purity and beauty of Pinot showing off its fruit: lush raspberries, a beautiful sense of walking through a well maintained potager, crushed roses, mint and tart cherries.  The palate gives a living energy and youthfulness, and expression of joy with every sip.  Drink now, or expect years from your cellar.

Marsannay Les Echezots is upslope and subsequently gets more cooling winds from the Hautes Cotes de Nuits.  As a result, it ripens up to 10 days later than the other two, producing a wine of dark intense color, black cherry and blackberry aromatics on the nose that beguile with every sip. There is a black currant baked goods nose that lifts and supports the nose.  The palate is firm and cut, but not overly so, with enough drive to ensure years of pleasurable drinking from your cellar.

The Romance of the Land: all three of these wines are vinified the same and made by Pierre in the same winery; the only difference is the location of the vines.  Come explore, taste, learn, and thoroughly enjoy these exciting wines. Please contact us for pricing and availability: 414-289-9463 or


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Date: Thursday, January 12
Time: 6 pm to 7:30
Location: Waterford Wine Company
Cost: $50 per person
Format: Seminar, RSVP required

The peat, the barrel, the malt, the spirit, the land – Scotch.  At this tasting we take an exploratory look across Scotland, sampling and tasting all kinds of spirit.  Our goal?  To explore the wonderful wide world of Scotch!

Green Spot Irish Whiskey

In Whiskey on January 5, 2017 at 6:46 pm


This legendary whiskey is partly responsible for the resurgence in popularity of pure pot still whiskey, the very traditional Irish method of whiskey production.  This old school style of distilling contains no column distilled grain whiskey and is 100% pot distilled.

The result?  It’s right in this glass:

The nose bursts with orchard fruits and exotic spices such as nutmeg, cloves, and allspice.  Rich barley fills in the background, along with a touch of sherry wood.  The palate is full and shows off the special single pot still process – it’s complex, creamy and very full-bodied.  The flavors linger around freshly cut green apples and toasted nuts, combining intimately with the aromas displayed on the nose.  This whiskey is, as Jim Murray notes, “to the true Irish whiskey drinker what the Irish Round Tower is to the archaeologist.”

This is a whiskey you can give to anyone and their minds will be blown.  Please contact us for pricing and availability: 414-289-9463 or

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