A Summer of Wine and Roses: Brazilier Rose

In Drinking, Rose on August 6, 2012 at 5:32 pm

If Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc got together and had a love-child it would be Pineau d’Anuis.

Pineau d’Anuis (pronounced, mind with the typical French flair for ignoring the actual letters making up the word, seek as Pee an’ wee!) has the citrus, sovaldi orange zest and peachiness of Sauvignon Blanc.  But it’s also got the pomegranate, strawberry and honey spice of Pinot Noir.  At home in the Loir, a tributary of the Loire (more wonderful French spelling), most vintners make it into a crazy zesty red wine that tastes like a Rum Toddy swirled with cinnamon Red Hots.  I love the idea of Hot Red Toddies but that isn’t why I am writing today.    

I’m writing because a couple of producers are charting another course for Pineau d’Anuis – rosé.  Meaning dry French Rosé.   And Pineau d’Anuis makes brilliant rosé. 

Imagine it: orange, mandarin, and peach combined with pomegranate, a bare hint of brown sugar spice, and strawberries.  These are the smells and flavors of Domaine Brazilier’s Pineau d’Anuis rosé.  But these flavors get even better across the palate – they are packaged into a crisp, refreshing dry wine that will soon replace water in your daily diet – it’s that delicious.  I’m not saying opening a bottle of Brazilier’s rosé will cause true love, world peace or bread to be sliced.  But in its own way it’s the ultimate rosé – like Pinot Noir it pairs with almost any food, yet like Sauvignon Blanc it can be cocktailed at any moment.  But you don’t have to imagine it – it’s available right now at Waterford. 

Summer is not over yet!  Let’s drink through the rest of it. 


2011 Domaine Brazilier Rosé

Release Price:  $12.99

Sale Price:  $7.99